IP Litigation and Enforcement
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IP Litigation and Enforcement

Indonesia’s Intellectual Property growth is currently one of the most promising industry. Since there are a lot of digital industries that expose
themself to people, it is becoming more and more necessary to protect or enforce your IP Rights. Litigation, though an option we provide, is not our
priority recommendation. In this business, it is all about prevention. First, we do evaluation of potential infringement for your existing IP. Then, we
provide the strategic and tactical counsel for steps you need to take in order to protect those IP. Lastly, should you need it, pre-litigation mediation
services are also available.

Pre-litigation research and analysis
Should the litigation cases occurs, we will conduct a pre-litigation research and begin to forecast and advise the potential outcome along with the
probability of success. Afterwards, we will counsel the steps you have to do for the best possible outcome, either the most cost efficient way or the
wisest act.

Litigation and enforcement
We handle all stages of enforcement, starting from inside the litigation of DGIP to the Supreme Court. Our attorneys have various case experiences,
the right connections to handle the cases carefully, and have years of practice in prosecuting IP Litigation Cases.

Infrigement and unfair competition counsel

Directorate General of Intellectual Property proceedings, hearing, appeal, opposition, and cancellation

Risk and damage calculation
Our experts will identify the most efficient way to handle your cases and optimize the resources available to get the best results. Risk and damage
calculation is one of the most important things in litigation. By identifying the strengths and weakness on both the plaintiffs and the defendants, we
will get to the core of the problem. We would strive to win as early as possible, even without a trial.

Intellectual Property mediation and arbitration