Intellectual Property Services
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Intellectual Property Services

We will help you protect your creations in areas of Intellectual Property such as Trademark, Patent, Industrial Designs, and Copyright. We will help you
obtain your rights and fight for it when we are supposed to.

Our services in Trademark involves Trademark Search, Trademark / brand Registration, and Trademark Renewal. We also cover the area of Trademark
Opposition and Trademark Transfer, basically every aspects of trademarks.

In Patent, we will guide you through the process of Patent Registration. As complicated as it is, our experts will help clients in various services, not
only Patent Registration, but also Patent Search, Patent Drafting, and many more.

Industrial Design
Registering your Industrial Design might get complicated when you did not meet the requirement for registration. Our experts will help you through
the process of registration since there is no search needed in Industrial Design.

Protecting your artistic ideas is a must. Our Copyright Services will help you get the paperworks such as certificates, to make the ownership of your
ideas more legitimate in the sight of law, also prevent copyright infringement.